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Teaser of the collective « I Respect Women »

24th of november : Conference / Concert

CONFERENCE / Together for a new culture of respect and honor for women.

CONCERT / Philippe Decourroux, founder of the IRW Collective.

24 november 2018 à 15h

Salle paroissiale
Rue des Rammes 11 / 1530 PAYERNE

15h Doors openning

16h Conference

18h30 Meal (on reservation)

20h30 Philippe Decourroux concert (solo)

Information and reservation:


The collective

On January 14th, 2017, the singer, Philippe Decourroux, initiated a meeting between about twenty men from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and from France, with the goal to define the foundation of a men’s movement committed to respecting women.

The Collective, I RESPECT WOMEN, was created with the objective to make men mindful of how they look at women and to generate an awareness that will lead to a change of mentalities.
By making a commitment to sign the charter I RESPECT WOMEN, every man is invited to separate himself from old male chauvinist standards to establish a new culture of honour and respect for women.

Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr. Denis Mukwege

President of honour of CIRW

Iconic figure of the fight against violence towards women, Denis Mukwege, was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His commitment to the victims of sexual violence who have been treated in his hospital of Panzi, in south Kivu, has been unanimously applauded by the international community.

Called “The man who repairs women”, Denis Mukwege has looked after more than 45 ‘ 000 women, young girls and infants who were the victims of the worst atrocities.

I look at every woman as I look at my mother, at my sister, at my wife or at my daughter



Petition by,
Collectif I Respect Women

The charter

I make the commitment with honour and responsibility, to respect and honour every woman as I respect and honour my mother, my wife, my sister or my daughter.


  1. I make the commitment to protect and to defend women against any type of harassment, abuse and/or violence against them.
  2. I am indignant at the idea that a woman or a child can be presented and sold as a sexual product.
  3. I am opposed to the idea which claims that prostitution is the oldest job in the world and I denounce this activity as being one of the worst forms of violence towards women.
  4. I make a commitment to not consume pornography, in any form whatsoever; knowing that behind this hides another shade of violence towards women.
  5. I am opposed to any sexist use of the image of woman in advertising. I denounce and I reject brands which degrade, in this way, the image of woman.
  6. I make a commitment to never physically, verbally, or psychologically harm a woman and to intervene if I witness it.
  7. I make a commitment to address colleagues, friends, or anyone who uses sexist words or spreads obscene and vulgar jokes against women.
  8. I will not go to clubs or bars which exploit women on behalf of so called “artistic productions”.
  9. I will not purchase newspapers or magazines containing announcements of sexual services.
  10. I will not pay for TV channels which produce pornographic movies and show them.
  11. I make the commitment, as a husband / partner to love and respect my wife / partner, without any type of manipulation and as equals.
  12. I encourage men to sign this charter, and I make the commitment to teach those principles to my children.

Sign it!

I agree that my first name, the first letter of my name and my country will appear on the list of signatories.
By clicking on Sign the Charter! I pledge to make every effort to respect it.
By signing the charter you are aware of our privacy policy


    Michiel B. (BE) Hélène R. (FR) Marc B. (FR) Magguy G. (FR) jeremie d. (BE) Pierre S. (CH) Crispin K. (CD) Jéerémy B. (FR) Thierry V. (CH) David K. (FR) Daniel D. (FR) Marie-Paule O. (FR) PFAENDER J. (FR) Loïc C. (CH) Yves D. (BE) Laurent F. (CH) Dominique J. (FR) Sylvain V. (AL) Yohan S. (CH) Paul U. (FR) Nico F. (CH) Antoinette B. (FR) DANIEL F. (FR) Philippe L. (CH) Michael G. (CH) Daniel G. (CH) kcreascence P. (FR) Francis E. (CH) Théo G. (CH) Daniel K. (CH) Willy S. (CH) Etienne G. (FR) Patrick r. (FR) claudine F. (FR) brigitte m. (CH) Marc L. (CH) Emmanuelle G. (FR) Nicolas G. (CH) Sébastien B. (CH) Carole L. (CH) Dominique G. (CH) Julian H. (CH) philippe C. (FR) Mark P. (CH) hugo p. (FR) Michel R. (CH) Rubin A. (CD) Murielle C. (FR) Guy D. (FR) Etienne R. (FR) Hortense L. (FR) Katherina M. (CH) Grégory D. (CH) ana m. (FR) Thierry B. (FR) Claude N. (CH) Monique M. (FR) dominique m. (FR) Michèle P. (FR) Rémy T. (CH) Olivier D. (FR) Emmanuel S. (CH) Jimy L. (CH) IAN K. (CH) Janet E. (CH) Laurent G. (CA) viviane b. (FR) pierre m. (CH) Frédéric L. (CH) FLORENCE R. (FR) Nicole F. (FR) jean pierre n. (FR) David L. (FR) Stéphane D. (CH) Jean-Pierre P. (CH) Nathalie B. (FR) Laurent C. (CH) Neslihan Y. (FR) Nathalie V. (BE) Georges M. (CH) vincent k. (FR) Mélanie R. (CH) Steven W. (CH) Pierre M. (CH) François K. (FR) Karim A. (FR) Jean-Pierre V. (FR) Françoise M. (FR) jm M. (FR) Philippe P. (CH) Danièle A. (FR) Jean-Baptiste L. (CH) Thalya P. (FR) philippe V. (FR) Elisa M. (FR) Thomas V. (CH) Josua R. (CH) Jean-Luc F. (FR) Dirk L. (CH) Martine Z. (CH) Dominique B. (CH) Vanessa G. (CH) Richard L. (FR) Jérémie F. (CH) Dora M. (FR) Eve M. (CH) Dimitri B. (FR) Michel P. (CH) Yan L. (CH) Daniel D. (FR) PETER L. (FR) Daniel f. (FR) Thomas L. (FR) David R. (CH) claire t. (BE) Stève G. (CH) Sébastien J. (CH) Gaël K. (FR) Jean-Pierre M. (FR) Martine V. (CH) Lucie S. (FR) Micheline O. (BE) Laurent M. (CH) chantal c. (BE) Ligia F. (CH) Bojan K. (FR) Danilo D. (CH) Eric I. (FR) Thomas S. (CH) Danièle G. (CH) Igor D. (CH) Matthieu H. (CH) Félix M. (CD) Chance k. (FR) Jonathan M. (CH) Jean-David P. (FR) Laure S. (FR) Jean Pierre L. (FR) Daniel G. (CH) Gilles H. (FR) René P. (CH) Michael M. (CH) Lisa Z. (CH) Jean-Claude R. (CH) Gengis-Khan C. (CA) Thomas H. (FR) Marguerite G. (CH) Henri R. (FR) Jacky R. (CH) Emmanuel A. (FR) Patrick P. (CH) Jonathan W. (FR) Olivia K. (CH) Jean-François Z. (CH) Nicolas D. (FR) Florence S. (FR) Huguette B. (CH) JEAN N. (CH) Bertrand G. (FR) Léa G. (CH) saverio m. (LU) Catherine L. (CH) Joseph N. (CD) Antoine B. (CH) JEANNOT S. (FR) Loïc D. (FR) Lisa T. (FR) Eric P. (CH) Stéphanie H. (FR) Benjamin S. (CH) alix c. (BE) Martin A. (CH) Bernard H. (FR) Matthieu S. (FR) Paul R. (CH) Michel G. (FR) Olivier P. (FR) philippe e. (CH) Inna R. (UA) Marlène P. (CH) Noe V. (CH) Yves J. (CH) Matthieu S. (CH) Georges S. (FR) Christian D. (FR) Pierre K. (CH) Jean-Daniel C. (CH) Manuel F. (FR) sébastien j. (FR) Sébastien R. (FR) Carmen E. (FR) agnes h. (FR) Daniel H. (CH) Rakari D. (FR) Olivier U. (CH) Pascal E. (FR) Déchelette E. (FR) jacques B. (FR) Benoît M. (CH) CLAIRE-LISE B. (CH) Yoshua Z. (CH) Marceau N. (CH) Emilien F. (BE) Marie laure A. (FR) Dan B. (CH) Julien W. (CH) Nicolas F. (CH) Jean-Paul C. (CH) Antoine A. (CH) Jacques D. (FR) Claude F. (CA) Emile C. (BE) Luc U. (CH) Christophe B. (FR) In Sung W. (CH) Olivier P. (BE) Martin E. (FR) Tresor B. (FR) Jean-Eric C. (CH) Michel r. (BE) jean louis L. (FR) Samuel R. (FR) Francoise B. (BE) Nathanaël D. (FR) Marc Z. (CH) anne g. (CH) Claude-Michel D. (FR) Laurent R. (FR) Anne-Lise S. (FR) Pierre-Yves C. (FR) Chantal S. (CH) Kévin M. (FR) Alain M. (CH) Stéphane K. (FR) Marc R. (FR) derat j. (FR) CHRISTIAN P. (FR) William Parfait N. (FR) Nathan B. (CD) oscar b. (CD) Mireille K. (CH) Gilbert M. (FR) Marie N. (FR) Joseph R. (IT) Christian G. (CH) Claude-Alain S. (CH) Sven G. (CH) Martin K. (FR) Gwladys C. (MQ) Paula V. (FR) Gerard C. (FR) David C. (CH) Dominique F. (FR) ODON M. (CD) Emmanuel J. (CH) yves p. (FR) Koko K. (CD) Sandra M. (CH) Pierre-Alain G. (CH) christian B. (BE) claudine b. (FR) Kevin T. (FR) Nicolas B. (CH) Association J. (CH) Sylvia D. (FR) Joël T. (CH) Pélage D. (CH) jean m. (FR) Denis C. (FR) JACQUELINE F. (CH) Aurore A. (FR) Daniel R. (FR) Agnès P. (FR) Jean-Claude B. (CH) Emmanuel G. (FR) Karin D. (CH) Patrick W. (FR) Philippe R. (CH) Alain C. (FR) Catherine P. (CH) Mona K. (CH) Benjamin S. (FR) Aidin N. (FR) Rudy C. (FR) Marianne P. (BE) FABER A. (FR) Jean-luc T. (FR) raymond b. (FR) Olivier E. (CH) Jonathan R. (CH) Julia E. (FR) jean michel A. (CH) yves m. (FR) Laurent C. (FR) JOSEPH G. (FR) Gautier A. (CH) Dominique (femme) A. (BE) Pierre K. (CH) Noemi Z. (CH) anne z. (CH) Alex P. (RO) Lauranne N. (CH) Loïc M. (BE) Jacky M. (FR) Guilaine M. (CH) Jonathan L. (FR) Thomas S. (CH) Schneider S. (FR) Rinaldo D. (CH) samira b. (FR) Philippe B. (FR) Laurent M. (FR) Manu V. (CH) Harry B. (BE) Joshua D. (CH) VIncent B. (FR) Daniel W. (FR) DOMINIQUE b. (FR) Petros Y. (CH) maurice C. (FR) David m. (FR) THIERRY P. (FR) DIEGO S. (CH) André S. (FR) Nicolas B. (CH) Didier M. (CH) Pierre L. (CH) Roger Z. (CH) Sienieman W. (FR) Justin L. (FR) Frédérique P. (CH) Shin O. (JP) Francis V. (FR) Gérald C. (FR) Jean S. (FR) R H. (FR) Julien B. (FR) Youri K. (FR) josiane l. (FR) Gilles G. (CH) Michel S. (FR) Joyce M. (CH) Emmanuel G. (FR) Laurence R. (CH) Olivier E. (CH) Didier S. (CH) Christophe A. (FR) Philippe B. (CH) Michel G. (CH) David H. (FR) Yann R. (CH) Elise K. (FR) David D. (CH) Jean-Marc B. (CH) henri L. (FR) Léopold N. (CH) Jacob v. (CH) Samuel C. (CH) Guido B. (CH) Michel A. (TG) Paul T. (CH) Jonathan O. (CH) Micaël K. (CH) Morgann C. (FR) Pierre D. (FR) JACQUES B. (FR) André G. (CH) Anne M. (CH) Catherine J. (CH) Cédric B. (CH) Patrick G. (CH) Eric M. (CH) Pierre D. (CH) Daniel A. (CH) Jonathan K. (FR) JEAN-JACQUES K. (FR) maurer c. (FR) Lina S. (CH) Bernard T. (CH) maryline p. (FR) Lucie S. (FR) Michel K. (FR) Claude C. (FR) François C. (CH) Clément B. (FR) Jonathan B. (CH)

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